Social Security

As government workers, Massachusetts public employees do not participate in Social Security. However, many public employees may be eligible for Social Security benefits based upon earning forty (40) quarters of credit or through the work history of a spouse.  It is important to know that Social Security benefits are often affected by the receipt of a retirement allowance from the Falmouth Retirement System.  Although your retirement allowance from the Falmouth Retirement System will not be reduced as a result of Social Security benefits, Social Security benefits might be reduced as a result of your public pension from the Falmouth Retirement System.

There are two federal laws, the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO), which may reduce and in some instances eliminate a Social Security benefit because of a retirement allowance from a Massachusetts public pension system.  To learn more about either the WEP or the GPO and to use the Social Security on-line calculator please go to the following link:

For information on Social Security and to apply for Social Security benefits visit their website at

In addition, there are several private advocacy groups and public employee unions working with the Massachusetts congressional delegation to repeal both federal offset laws.  Information on these various organizations can be found on our links page.

Social Security Administration Forms:  Around July of each year, retirees collecting a Social Security benefit and a retirement allowance from the Falmouth Retirement System are sent a form from Social Security asking them to fill out certain information with regards to their retirement income.  Although we are always happy to assist you with this form and will continue to do so, filling out this form can be done by the retiree and does not need to be bought to the office of the retirement system.