Board Members and Staff

Under M.G.L. Chapter 32, municipal retirement systems are governed by a five person board, which is independent of the local government.  Each board is comprised of two members representing the municipal government, two members elected by the system's membership, and a fifth member, who is appointed by the other four board members and who is not a member of the retirement system.


Jennifer P. Mullen
Ex-Officio Member, Appointed by Statute

Paul J. Slivinski
Appointed Member, Appointed by the Board of Selectmen

Russell R. Ferreira (Chairman)
Elected Member – Term Expires October 30, 2022

Craig B. O’Malley
Elected Member – Term Expires May 25, 2020

Ellen K. Philbin
Fifth Member, Appointed by the Board Members – Term Expires June 30, 2021


Francis “Kip” St. Germaine

Dommonique Domino
Assistant Director

Nicholas C. Poser
Legal Counsel to the Falmouth Retirement Board 

Wainwright Investment Counsel
Investment Consultant