Welcome to the Town of Falmouth Retirement System

Welcome and thank you for visiting falmouthretirement.org.....we are happy to have you as a visitor, and we encourage you to browse our website often!  It is our sincere hope that you will use this website as a resource for information to familiarize yourself with our defined benefit plan and to plan for your future retirement.

The Falmouth Retirement System, established on July 1, 1941, is one of the 100+ public employee contributory retirement systems within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  This retirement system is governed by a five person board, the Falmouth Retirement Board, which has the sole authority and responsibility to prudently invest the funds of our membership and to efficiently provide a retirement allowance to our plan participants and their beneficiaries.  Our member units are the Town of Falmouth and the Falmouth Housing Authority.  This is a defined benefit plan that is subject to the provisions of Chapter 32 of the Massachusetts General Laws

Our office is located at 80 Davis Straits, Suite 102 in Falmouth, MA 02540.  Our telephone number is 508-457-0578 and our fax number is 508-540-9962.  For additional information, please feel free to email us at retire@falmouthretirement.org

Latest News

08-27-2019 | Election by Declaration Announcement
07-11-2019 | Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) Approved
07-09-2019 | Notice of Election to the Falmouth Retirement Board